DANA’s Annual General Meeting for 2020-21

The Annual General Meeting for the year 2020-21  was held on 26th September 2021 on a hybrid mode with some some members present at Clinic Address of DANA at Bosepukur Road and others attending online. The Secretary’s Annual Report was presented along with the Audited Statement of Accounts. A total of 27 members attended and the meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair

(D A N A)
To be Presented in the Annual General Meeting of DANA which is to be
held on 26th September 2021 at 4pm.
Diagnostic and Applied Neuro-psychological Association
(DANA) is a registered non-profit organization which was established on
February 10, 2000 by a group of Professional Mental Health Workers with a noble
mission to render services to the community for promoting mental health status
of the same. DANA continues its work as a registered NGO since 2002, though
in fact it has completed twenty years of its existence. At present, there are Total
28 Members i.e. (namely 15 General Members, 1 Honorary Member and12 Life
Members) and 48 Associate Members.
The Executive Committee of DANA for 2020-2022 consists of Dr.
Amal Kr. Mallick as President, Dr. Sheila Banerjee as Vice-President, Dr.
Sayandip Ghosh as Secretary, Mrs. Pallabi Mukhopadhyay as Jt. Secretary, Mr.
Pranab Kumar Moitra as Treasurer, Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Dr. Gautam
Bandopadhyay, Mrs. Sutapa Chakraborty, Mrs. Bandana Mukherjee, Mrs. Ratna
Mitra and Mrs. Rita Roy as Members. Mrs. Sutapa Chakraborty as Co￾coordinator helped towards smooth functioning of DANA.
The Executive Committee Meetings were held on 18th May 2020, 20th June 2020,
17th July 2020, 16th August 2020, 5
th September 2020, 10th October 2020, 8th
December 2020,31st December 2020, 8th February 2021, on virtual platform .

Different Activities of DANA (April, 2020 to March 2021)
A – Clinical Services
The services offered by DANA can be assessed from the following
statistics. The professionals of DANA were associated with:B- Orientation Programmes / Workshop
1. Workshops on Psychology of Sex was held virtually on 11th September2020,
25th September 2020, 9th October2020, 20th December2020, 8th January 2021.
Dr Amit Chakraborty was the key speaker in that programme.
2. A Workshop titled Wild Adolescence was held by DANA between April 13th
February 2021 to14th March 2021 on virtual platform.
3. The corona pandemic has affected DANA in a major way. The offline
consultation s had to be reduced significantly bur DANA has continued online
consultations regularly. Whenever there has been some relief due to
improvement of Covid situation DANA has started refunctioning on a hybrid
mode with both online and offline consultations. DANA has been arranging
web Inari and online orientation programmes with regularity and good
participation throughout the covid pandemic.
C – Cultural Activities
(a) On 9
th May, 2020 DANA organized Rabindra Jayanti which
was held virtually. All members and guests actively participated in the
(b) On 24th October, 2020 “Pujor Adda” was held virtually and
all the members actively participated in this programme.
D- Publication
DANA published a booklet called ‘ Ghar Bandi Mon ‘ on the ongoing COVID
pandemic in August 2020.Several relevant articles by Dr.Amit Chakraborty ,
Dr. Gautam Bandopadhyay , Dr. Anirban Roy and others were part of the
booklet .

E-billing and E- management of data related to all registered clients of DANA
has been continuing over the last seven financial years and is being effectively
carried on.
F- Obituary
DANA deeply mourns the loss of three of their prominent members who
succumbed to COVID related complicationCondolences to the departed souls of Mrs .Sipra Chaudhury, psychologist
previously attached as HOD of Department of psychology , Institute of Child
Health ; Professor Dr. Dilip Kumar Sinha , academician and Ex – Vice
chancellor , Viswa Bharati ; Justice D.K.Basu , retired judge and founder
Chairman of LASWEB .
G- Acknowledgement

A deep sense of gratitude is expressed to A.C. Behera & Co auditing the
Accounts of DANA like previous years at a nominal fee.
Last, but not the least, it is the whole hearted co-operation from
all categories of Members and Office colleagues viz Ms. Puja Dutta, Mr.
Subhas Maitra, and Mr. Animesh Patra, that has helped DANA to successfully
render its service.
Dr Sayandip Ghosh

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