Daylong Workshop on Parenting & Distress

Daylong workshop on ‘Parenting styles and Psychological Distress’ will be held at DANA on Sunday the 15th March 2020. Speakers: Dr Amit Chakraborty, Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Dr Sayandip Ghosh and Dr Suddhendu Chakraborty. The topics will be: Helicopter Parenting, Incosistent Parenting, Single Parenting, Parenting  of Adopted Child and Balanced Parenting.

Seats are limited. Contact 9051252231 for registration.


20th Anniversary of DANA : Celebrationn

20th Anniversay of DANA was celebrated at DANA’s new premises at 47/1B, Bosepukur Road, Kolkata 42 on 10th February, 2020 at 5pm. As a Guest-Speaker Dr Sankar Nath, Eminent Oncologist delivered a Special lecture on ‘Food & Cancer’. Diploma certificates were delivered by Dr Debasish Bhattacharya, Eminent Psychiatrist to all students who successfully passed out in the 1-year course on Psychological Counselling & Behaviour Management from WB State University. A special booklet on anecdotes and reminiscences by various persons associated with DANA was published on the occassion.

Some special moments from Anniversary Celebration……


Difference BetweenFriendship and Love | Dr. Amit Chakraborty, counselling psychologist

Excessive Trust not good for life | Dr Amit Chakraborty counselling psychologist

Is ‘Intimacy’ justified before marriage?

Useless fear | Dr. Amit Chakraborty | Counselling psychologist

Masterbation is not a sin | information | Dr. Amit chakraborty & Dr. Jayanta kushari

Taboo | Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Homosexuality | information | Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Counselling Psychologist

Uncertainty of Job – Problem and Solution | Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Counselling Psychologist

The Peace| Dr Amit Chakraborty

Juvenile Crime| Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Mobile Addiction | Problem and Solution | Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Concentration | Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Counselling Psychologist

How to overcome Physical Desires | Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Counselling psychologist

Ways to keep good Relations | Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Mania| Dr. Amit Chakraborty | information

Do gems have any effect on life? | Krishnendu Bhattacharya | Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Sex Addiction| Krishnendu Bhattacharya & Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Patience | It is important for people to be patient | Dr. Amit Chakraborty

Mind concentration | Senior Counselling Psychologist Dr Amit Chakraborty

DREAM | untold info | Dr. Amit Chakraborty | Krishnendu Bhattacharya | Dr. Jayanta Kushari


Mental Health Week 2019

On the occassion of Mental Health Week, Daylong workshop on ‘Suicide & its Prevention’ will be held on Sunday 29th September 2019 at DANA. Like previous years Mental Health Book Fair will also be organised on the day. Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay will be key speaker in the workshop.

All are welcone.


DANA’s Annual General Meeting – Secretary’s Annual Report

DANA’s AGM for 2011 – 2019  was held at DANA on Sunday, the 30th June, 2019.


                                        ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2018-2019

            To be Presented in the Annual General Meeting of DANA in its Registered Office on

                                                  30th June 2019 at 12-00 Noon

                    Diagnostic and Applied Neuro-psychological Association (DANA)  is a registered non-profit  organization which was established on February 10, 2000  by a group of Professional Mental Health Workers with a noble mission  to render services to the community for promoting mental health status of the same. DANA continues its work as a registered NGO since 2002. At present, there are Total 28 Members i.e. (namely 15 General Members, 1 Honorary Member and12 Life Members) and 48 Associate Members.

The Executive Committee of DANA for 2018-2020 consists of Dr. Amal Kr. Mallick as President, Dr. Sheila Banerjee as Vice-President, Dr. Sayandip Ghosh as  Secretary, Mrs. Pallabi Mukhopadhyay as Jt. Secretary, Mr. Pranab Kumar Moitra as Treasurer, Dr. Amit Chakraborty, Dr. Gautam Bandopadhyay, Mrs. Sutapa Chakraborty, Mrs. Bandana Mukherjee, Mrs. Ratna Mitra and Mrs. Rita Roy as Members. Mrs. Sutapa Chakraborty as Co-coordinator has  helped towards smooth functioning of DANA since inception.

The Executive Committee Meetings were held on 17th June 2018, 16th July 2018, 30th  December 2018, 21st   January 2019 & 25th March 2019.                                     

                        Different activities of DANA ( April 2018- March 2019 ) 

  1. A) Clinical Services
    The services offered by DANA can be assessed from the following statistics

Registered new clients – 876

  1. B) Public awareness programmes
  2. i) The fourth Mental Health Fair was organised by DANA on 1st October 2018 to commemorate Mental Health week and Mental Health Day .The following NGO S  working in the field of mental health participitated in the function: Pavlov Institute, Kolkata, Manab Sangbed, Sodepur, Girindrasekhar Institute of Psychological Education and Research,Kolkata and Manas, Madanpur. A seminar was held on the occasion on the theme for the year 2019 e.g., ” Young people and Mental Health in a changing world” .The speakers were Dr.Sayandip Ghosh, Mrs. Bandana Mukherjee, Mr Tarun kumar Dutta and Mrs Krishna sarbari Dasgupta. Dr.Gautam Bandyopadhyay and Dr.Amit Chakraborty participitated in the interactive session. Mr. Himadri Barua, Advocate was felicitated for his service to DANA during last few years.
  3. ii) DANA participated actively in the kolkata Book Fair 2019 .All books of DANA were exhibited at the stall of Shabdohorin..
  4. C) Orientation Programmes/Workshops

The following orientation programmes were held by DANA between April 2018 and Match 2019:-

  1. i) Orientation programme on Career Counselling on 29th April 2018
    Speakers were Mrs Pallabi Mukhopadhyay, Mrs Shubhra Baneerjee Pal & Mr Subir Nag.
  2. ii) Orientation programme on ” Changing thoughts as  Therapy ”
    Speakers were Dr.Sayandip Ghosh, Dr.Sheila Banerjee , Dr.Gautam Bandopadhyay, Mrs Rita roy.

iii) Orientation programme on Developmental and Intellectual Problems on Children on 5th August 2018 Speakers were  Dr.Amit Chakraborty , Dr.Gautam Bandopadhyay  &              Dr. Anirban Ray.

  1. iv) Orientation   programme on Borderline Intellectual Functioning and Borderline Personality Disorder on 2nd September 2018 Speakers were Dr.Amit Chakraborty & Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay.
  2. v) Orientation programme on Childhood Trauma on 18 th November 2018
    Speakers were Dr.Amal kumar Mullic, Dr.Amit Chakraborty, Dr.Sheila Banerjee & Mrs Rita Roy .
  3. vi) Orientation programme on Care Giving Stress: Dilemma and Solutions on 30th December 2018. The Key Speaker was Dr.Gautam Bandopadhyay.

vii) Orientation programme on Dialectical Behavior Therapy ( DBT) on 17th January 2019 .
The Key Speaker was Dr.Sudipa Deshmukh.

viii) Orientation programme on Identifying and Classifying Symptoms in the Mind held on 31st March 2019. The Speakers Dr.Gautam             Bandopadhyay,  Dr. Sayandip Ghosh, Dr.Ranjit Majumdar (emeritus professor of West Virginia university ,USA delivered a lecture on       psychophysics  connecting kind and body on 30th Dec 2018..

D – Cultural Activities

(a)  On 9th May, 2018, DANA organized Rabindra Jayanti at its premises. All members and guests actively participated in the programme.

(b)  On 21st October,2018,` Bijoya Sammilani was hosted by Dr Amit Chakraborty at his residence.

(c)  On 21st March 2019, the members of DANA gathered in the residence of Dr Amit Chakraborty on the occasion of Doljatra.

E – Computerization

E-billing and E- management of data related to all registered clients of DANA has been continuing over the last six financial years and is being effectively carried on.

F-  Acknowledgement

A deep sense of gratitude is expressed to A.C.Behera & Co for auditing the Accounts of DANA like previous years at a nominal fee.

Last, but not the least, it is the whole hearted co-operation from all categories of  Members and Office colleagues e.g., Ms. Puja Dutta, Mr. Subhas Maitra, and Mr. Animesh Patra, that has  helped DANA to successfully render its se

Dr.Sayandip Ghosh







DANA organised a very interesting debate on ‘Future of Marriage’ on 17th June2019 at Jibananda Sabhaghar, Babgla Academy, Kolkata. The motion was ‘There is no future of the Institution of Marraiage’. Pracheta Gupta, writer, Krisnasarbari Dasgupta, Media Personality and Dr Amit Chakraborty spoke for the motion. Tarun Dutta, Counsellor, Dr Basabi Chakraborty, Sociologist and Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Neuropsychiatrist spoke against the motion. Ratna Mitra was the Moderator. At the end of the debate, the audience in the pacjed auditorium voted for tge motion.

Eminent Environmentalist Prof Sujoy Basu released the book DAMPATWA on Marital Relationship published by DANA.