Services offered by DANA

Neuro-pychological Intervention

Gives supports to client with psychiatric or neurological problems for relief of symptoms.

Individual Psychotherapy

Reduces the psychiatric conditions without the use of medications.

Family Therapy

Helps to improve communications within family, assists in the resolution of family conflicts and address the management of problematic family member.

Maritial Therapy

Focuses on relational issues and assists couples to resolve maritial conflicts and lead a more enjoyable life.

Pre-Maritial Counselling

Prepares adolescents and youth so that meeting challenges in life become more rewarding and healthy.

Play Therapy

Exclusively intended for the childre, utilizes the therapeutic powers of play to achieve optimal growth and development.

Art Therapy

It is based on the idea and creative process of makings. It uses a wide variety of media and methods such as drawing, painting, clay etc. and in addition, art therapy also includes medium like dance, music acting etc. that helps to improve mental health.

Psychological Assessment

Through a wide range of tests measures neuro-pychological characteristics of an individual which also include current level of intellectual functioning, interests, aptitudes, personality organization and capacity for human relationship.

Awareness Programmes

DANA conducts various workshops, stress management programmes, seminars, debates and interactive sessions alone as well as joint venture with other organizations. The objective are to spread awareness among the community regarding mental health, provide experts advices and remove misconceptions. Further, DANA organized a discussion on awareness related issued of Schizophrenia, Anger Management Workshop and Seminaar on Art Therapy in Mental Health.


DANA provides the expertise for training in counselling in collaboration with other institutions.

Counselling Course

DANA has been organizing Certificate course in Counselling for last few years. We have the pleasure in announcing that DANA has introduced a P.G. Diploma Course (1 Year) affiliated to WB State University from July 2012. Theory classes on different subjects related to psychological counselling and behaviour management. Graduates in any discipline can apply. Practical classes/handling of case under the guidance of professionals of DANA are organized regularly.

The current 1-year Regular P.G.Diploma Course on "Psychological Counselling & Behaviour Management" offered jointly by DANA & W.B.State University will end by June this year. The next Regular
Applications are invited from Graduates from any discipline preferably with qualification/orientation in social and behavioural sciences. Total No. of seats:20. Reservation for SC/ST/OBC candidates as per Government rules. Persons with BPL card will get waiver on tuttion fees.

Admission for 2014-15 session going on. Contact DANA-Reception (Puja): 24229932/ 9051252231 between 12noon & 8pm ( except Sunday).

List of Faculty Members

  • Dr Amal K Mullick
  • Justice Dilip K Basu
  • Dr Debasis Bhattacharya
  • Dr Amit Chakraborty
  • Dr gautam Bandyopadhyay
  • Dr Sheila Banerjee
  • Dr Sayandip Ghosh
  • Dr Pritha Mukhopadhyay
  • Dr Subhabrata Bhakta
  • Ms Bandana Mukhopadhyay
  • Ms Rita Roy
  • Ms Leena Burdhan
  • CA Arijit Chakraborty
  • Dr Amarnath Mullick
  • Ms Pallabi Mukhopadhyay
  • Ms Subhra Banerjee Pal
  • Dr Anirban Mukherjee

Project Work

In December, 2010 CINI, Jharkhand contacted DANA for a project work on Integrated Education for Deprived and Vulnerable Children (DVC), in Jharkhand. The project is funded by Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT), New Delhi. DANA agreed to conduct a survey of teachers, students, community works and employees of children the formal and nonformal schools under the preview of educational programme of CINI in order to asses their counselling needs. Three manuals were made entitled - "What is Counselling", "Addiction Treatment - Recovery and Help" and "Children's Behaviour". Further, DANA and CINI Jharkhand conduct a Workshop on Counselling with a selected group of teachers.


DANA has to its credit several publications. Written in simple Bengali by experts in the field of mental health, DANA's publications are intended to create awareness among general public of common mental problems. The publications have so far covered areas like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Child and Adolescent problems, Stress - related problems, Old - age Problems, Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Suicide and Schizophrenia. Professionals in the field of Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Literature have contributed popular articles published in these books. DANA also published books on addiction and hyperactive children, and special monograph on Girindrasekhar Bose (father of psychiatry in India), all authored by Dr Gautam Bandopadhyay. DANA also published a monograph entitled "Psychiatrists & Psychologists: Roles & Mental Expectations (200.5)

Other Activities

DANA undertakes many innovative research programmes, the findings of which are published in DANA Newsletter, Monographs, Books as well as are presented at the National and International Seminars.


Inaugral Issue - 2005 / February, Dustu Chheler Kahini (ADHD); 2005 June / July, Baosandhir Daripalli (Adolescence Problems); October / 2007 & May / 2010, General Issues; August / 2006 Special Issue on Sigmund Freud; September / 2007, Prasango Atmathatya (Suicide).

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